Cloud Designer: software for Laser Scanner, Easy, Fast, Accurate

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Cloud Designer may be your best choice to manage point clouds; it features importing, registering, filtering and exporting high resolution orthophotos and excellent quality deliverables.


3D Laserscanner is an instrument that is able to measure spatial coordinates of points which set the surveying object; it makes possible to represent with extreme accuracy and high details all the area geometries, objects and structures.

The output coming from LaserScanning is a Point Cloud, that is group of many measured 3D points. One full project may be a set of some million points or some billion points.

The Point Cloud contains all the surveying informations and is displayed by using specifical softwares that permit the 2D/3D views of the surveying project.

Laserscanning technology, in couple with a high performing software may lead to a big number of advantages compared to the traditional surveying, expecially in terms of quality, legal trustworthiness, high details even of unaccessible areas, fast acquiring and smooth data processing.

Cloud Designer is a high quality software, that leads to high accuracy and parametrization as no other software in the market.

It’s a smooth software with a batch queue, it makes possible to handle billion points with no resource overloading and contextually bringing huge advantages in terms of:

  • high data processing speed
  • low and batched waiting queue
  • high orthophoto and ortometric accuracy
  • reachability of the most cost effective and highest achievable performance
Cloud Designer can:
  • Import from PTXi and PTXi+rgb
  • Manage Laser Scanning projects
  • Export the Equirectangular View from the single scan
  • Attach measurements and notes
  • Align and register clouds over a Topographical Survey (Known Points)
  • Align and register using reference clouds
  • Filter clouds
  • Filter out Glasses/Mirrors
  • Paint clouds from entire panoramic photos
  • Paint clouds from part of panoramic photos
  • Rectify the colorization by mixing multiple mappings
  • Create plans interactively, with parametric management and adjustment
  • Create cutting slices
  • Build classic deliverables as plans, elevations, sections, axonometry and clipped views
  • Export high resolution orthophotos (More than 520Megapixel)
  • Set absolute parameters in orthophotos to obtain 3D split views
  • Export equirectangular view from clouds
  • Show the 3D View from the eye coordinate to the focus coordinate
  • Show the 3D View with Stereoscopy techniques for 3D Glasses
  • Navigate interactively in 3D View with human movements (walk, turn, etc.)

Cloud Designer’s deliverables can be imported by CAD, modelling and photoediting software; such deliverables embody the base to build large projects.

Cloud Designer’s area of applicability is:

  • Maintenance and surveying of sites and buildings covered by heritage and historical relevance
  • Maintenance and surveying of sites and buildings covered by architectonic relevance
  • Maintenance and surveying of sites and buildings of complex shapes
  • Designing of structures and frameworks for complex shapes sites and buildings
  • Designing of prefabricated components for complex shapes sites and buildings
  • Trustworthy capture of the actual state of a archeological site
  • Trustworthy capture of the actual state of a crime scene
  • Urban Topography
  • Topography for water drainage: canals, sewer, etc.